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The designs shared here are copyrighted by Steven Luce and the Hollywood-North Park Community Association and are offered for use free of charge provided that the following conditions are met.

By using this graphic, you agree:

  • Not to alter this graphic in any way. If you need additional translations, you can contact us for assistance. We’ll try to help if we can.
  • Not to use this graphic for profit-bearing purposes or for fundraising, even if your organization is a not-for-profit organization.  All of the suggested donations received through any event or campaign to raise printing costs should be used for HHNHH campaign expenses only, even if that generates extra signs/posters to distribute to anyone who cannot afford them or cannot pay for them (e.g. schools, etc.) If you are unable to print or distribute funds in this manner, we would encourage you to help another community to start their own project, or forward any remainder to us via our GoFundMe so we can kickstart another community’s efforts. 
  • That this graphic is an non-partisan item. It is not affiliated with any political party, candidate, or political organization.

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hhnhh_blue_horizontal     hhnhh_blue_vertical

For other media formats (bumper stickers, etc.) or other translations, please check out the Artwork Page!